Aceites Navarro García S.L. is dedicated to the elaboration and bottling of a high quality olive oil from a selection of multivarietal olives grown in our region.
We differentiate our products in AOV, EVOO and Green EVOO of limited production.
Green EVOO is our star product as it is an early harvest oil: approximately from the end of October to mid-November, when the fruit is in veraison (that is to say, it has not yet reached full ripeness). It is at this time, is when it has the best organoleptic qualities, and from the nutritional point of view, the greatest health benefits.
This type of olive comes from the family farm of Aceites Navarro García S.L., and from a crop of integrated production.
From its harvest to its packaging it is treated meticulously and is ground within 24 hours of its arrival at the mill to ensure that its properties remain intact and its extraction is cold.
After extraction, it is decanted through a natural process for subsequent bottling. All this meticulous process gives rise to an extraordinary EVOO with sensory and nutritional characteristics that differentiate it. Its intense green colour and fruity aroma stand out, and in the mouth it has a very balanced sensation of spiciness and bitterness that makes it special.

For the packaging of our oils we have different formats: